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See A Need - Fill A Need

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I don’t “rescue” those victimized by human trafficking. I feel that would then be about me and minimizes the tremendous efforts it takes for a survivor to thrive.

I come alongside survivors and offer a hand to provide some tools, needs, and repair to help them on their healing journey. The difference in how my nonprofit works, is you won’t see stories shared about a survivor's personal journey or anyone thanking us. I believe that is for them to share should they choose. A survivor should never feel an obligation to give back a "thank you" or share their story for some help or feel like they owe anything.

I do this work to give back. Seeing healing and repair happening is enough. The expectation that something is owed in return, whether it be to gain donations or prominence, goes out the door. And no, I don’t have numbers posted about how many people I’ve helped. If you receive something from us, nothing is owed in return. Not a name drop, not anything. Just seeing someone have a chance is worth it! And to me, when something to be given in return is hinted at, that feels like re-exploitation. Now if your nonprofit works that way and does the things I’m speaking about, that doesn’t mean it’s not a legit nonprofit doing some amazing work. So, I’m speaking about mine personally.

When starting my nonprofit, I went in knowing it would be outside the norm. Knowing my help might look different. I knew I could raise the money needed and get it directly to the survivors by selling skincare versus donations. Most of everything we have done, has been through people choosing to purchase their skincare and supplements through me, as well as skin care consultations.

Lastly. I don’t take an income to do the work. Zero. Thankful I can be utilized to help someone grow. The growth part, that’s the survivor growing. That’s not me growing for them.

So, what do I get out of it? Helping to repair the damage, helping to create new pathways and solutions, and providing hope to name a few things. Giving people a chance and seeing someone grow is amazing. And when someone can thrive, we all thrive. That’s "cycles and ripples of new healthy pathways for generations to come" kind of change. That’s all. No hero here. Just a fellow human being seeing a need and filling a need. 🦋

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