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Tiffany's Place

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In 2020, Free To Fly has been supporting Tiffany's Place, a residential facilty helping teen girls who have survivied commerical sexual exploitation.

Hidden Treasures Foundation is operating a distinct and unique residential treatment facility for adolescent victims of commercial sexual exploitation via human trafficking. Tiffany's Place, their sanctuary for restoration and healing, is a family style home where sex trafficked girls will learn to thrive.

This past summer we committed to a goal to raise money for gift cards Tiffany's Place needed. Their facility maintains an Amazon wish list with gift cards and household basics that make life easier for the girls. The gift cards give the girls little extras, like going out to eat and small fun things to brighten their days. It's humbling to think of how much difference even an inexpensive meal can make in a person's life sometimes. However, with your love and your support, we did far more than that. Not only did we fulfill all of their gift card needs (plus a few extra), but we also fufilled their entire Amazon wish list. We've given bedding, therapeutic work books, art activities, beauty supplies, school supplies, clothing, and more. With all of your support, we were able to give a total of $3,100 in needed items! We received feedback from the staff at Tiffany's Place that this has blessed them so much, and the girls have said, "It is like Christmas in Summer". Your generosity has given these girls some fun things, and in a way, allowed them to experience things they would receive from a having a normal childhood.

This past Christmas we wanted to bless Tiffany's Place, and the girls they serve, with all of their Christmas wishlist needs. We did it, and added some extras too, blessing Tiffany's Place with nearly $1000 in Christmas gifts. The staff said they heard so many screeches, screams, and "Oh my gosh's" Christmas morning. But their favorite was, "I've never been spoiled like this, and I am so grateful".

As you know, Free to Fly is here to help survivors of human trafficking. We raise awareness, raise funds to help survivors, and our Founder helps survivors with their skin to help them continue their healing journey when they are on the road to recovery. We also try to tackle one project at a time. These were two of those projects, and it's been so incredibly satisfying.

We want to thank you. Thank you for loving people you haven’t met. Thank you for seeing the survivors, hearing their stories, and working together to help meet their needs. We're so fortunate to be able to do this, and we are so grateful.

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