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Free To Fly In The News

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

ThurstonTalk posted a wonderful article featuring the partnership between Free To Fly and Briotech, Inc. in the fight against human trafficking.

Free To Fly Founder, Yolanda Christensen, stated, "Combating human trafficking and assisting survivors on their healing journey is a task that requires participation and help from the community, including businesses around us. It's a cause that affects all of us and the most vulnerable, like our children, who I believe we are all responsible for."

Dan Terry, Briotech's founder, executive chairman, and chief innovation officer also commented, "As small businesspeople, we are aware of the huge effort it takes to succeed, and that all of us require the help of others just to get through life, let alone single-handedly wrest downtrodden women from dangerous people. We saw the passionate sincerity of Yolanda's cause and the potential she had to change lives." Full Article

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