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BrioTech and NeoGenesis

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

We want to say thank you to two companies that have formed profound and far reaching partnerships with us: BrioTech and NeoGenesis.

BrioTech is based in Woodinville, WA and their research has led them to develop scientifically advanced products in the health and beauty industries. Their skincare spray helps heal a wide variety of wounds and irritation from sunburn to tattoos (or tattoo removals). They're a natural partner for us since we emphasize skincare and branding tattoo removal for survivors of human trafficking.

BrioTech has helped us in so many ways, far beyond donating their wonderful sprays which I use myself, and we use in the protocol for treating skin after removing branding tattoos. They were our first corporate partner and have consulted with us, mentored us, developed our website, and been by our side from the very beginning. Among many others, Monica, Cindi, and Dan have been invaluable partners. We just can't thank them enough. It means the world to us and to so many people they will likely never meet.

NeoGenesis is a wonderful company producing high quality skincare products. NeoGenesis CEO, Steve McGee, personally showed up to give his time and offer his support, including bringing staff right along with him. Helping survivors feel good about themselves and their daily lives can be an unpredictable part of transition. So many things, big and small, need to come together and the recipe isn't exactly the same for any two people going through it. Our founder Yolanda's own background in skincare helps us see many advantages in the simple kindness of self-care.

For youth and staff at Tiffany's Place, NeoGenesis donated skincare routines (evaluations and products), giving each and every person the chance to slow down, pamper themselves, and think about the health and beauty of the largest organ of the body: the skin. Giving everyone, not just survivors, the chance to look beyond the bare necessities and enjoy taking care of themselves on a different level, meant the world to all of us and especially resonates with our founder, Yolanda. In NeoGenesis we have found another perfect partner to come alongside us on our journey.

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