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Branding Tattoo Removal

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

When we talk about human trafficking, we don't always talk about details like branding tattoos. Take a moment to think about the power they can hold, even when the wearer has returned to a better life. Traffickers brand their victims with tattoos; to serve as a punishment, or simply to show ownership over the victim. It might be a dollar sign or a barcode to signal that the victim is for sale, or something as simple as the trafficker's nickname. No survivor ever needs to keep such a tattoo on their body. No one has the right to buy or sell a human being.

We help survivors in recovery get these removed. This helps them rebuild their lives and empower them for a bright future. Survivors are incredibly strong, and once they're back on their feet, they can deliver a tremendous impact to the world around them!

Giving survivors back their skin free of branding, free from marks of abuse, free from reminders of trauma, can be incredibly healing. It’s part of the process of rebuilding self-esteem, reclaiming their bodies, building good habits of self-care, and re-establishing a sense of self-worth and freedom.

We are happy to join survivors during their healing process. We empathize with them, and help create a space where patience, understanding, and encouragement can help them embrace freedom and growth🙏🏼❤️ We're just getting started, and we can do so much more.

Please consider partnering with Free To Fly. You can donate, or shop from our eCommerce store.

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