Spot treat blemishes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation with this advanced Retinol formulation. Designed with Retinol, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in a moisturizing transdermal base to enhance penetration. Great for elimination and prevention of ingrown hairs. Also effective for relieving pain and itch of bug bites. Easy to use rollerball applicator.

Ideal for: All Skin Types

Features & Benefits:
• Spot treat blemishes
• Helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation
• Formulated with Retinol in a nourishing base of Vitamin C and E
• Encourages skin cell renewal
• Rollerball applicator allows easy targeted spot treatment

Retinol Spot Treatment


Glide rollerball one time over surface area to be treated. Do not overuse. Apply only one to two times per day. Keep away from eye area.