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The AnteAGE Microchannel Stamp optimizes the application of AnteAGE growth factor products.


140 sterile medical-grade titanium cones exfoliate, stimulate, and prepare your skin to experience the benefits of natural biosignals.



  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use on wounded or irritated skin
  • Do not drag the stamp head across the skin
  • Only for personal use,  don’t share with others
  • Store with protective cover on stamp head
  • Discard stamp after each use.
  • Can be used for scalp or face treatment.

Microchannel Stamp (0.25mm)


1. Remove stamp head cover.

2. Disinfect with rubbing alcohol.

3. Can be used on face or scalp to enhance product penetration of Growth Factor Solution or Hair Serum.

4. Press the stamp head gently onto the skin, moving up and down vertically.

5. When needling is complete, disinfect stamp with rubbing alcohol and replace cover.

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