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Addresses the root causes of blemish-prone skin.
Pharmacist and nutritionist, Benjamin Fuchs, created Truth Blemish Repair Complex based on 32-years of clinical work and patient care in his compounding pharmacy. This innovative product approaches skin health from the inside out, delivering a dietary and nutritional strategy for blemish repair and skin healing.

PLEASE NOTE: Truth Treatments is in the process of updating their packaging and branding. The product you receive may arrive with their former label. Please be assured that it is the same fresh product and commitment to quality.

Blemish Repair Complex


Truth Blemish Repair Complex addresses the root causes of blemish-prone skin by incorporating ingredients that have been shown to help support liver function, reduce inflammation, prevent clogged pores, and heal skin tissue.

Our strategy supports glutathione which is the body’s natural skin protector. We use a proprietary and patented delivery system that leverages the powers of Astragalus and Ginseng to improve penetration and nutrient absorption. And the product is delivered in a capsule form to maximize absorption.

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