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The Haven Retreat

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I had the opportunity to attend The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat. I was beyond grateful for the experience which brought tremendous healing, growth, and validation that I’m on the right path. This year I feel at peace, and even more equipped to serve in my non-profit. Helping to mend broken wings so they are Free to Fly.

We all have a story, and some of us have survived tremendous trauma that I would call temporary soul crushers which make you believe you are broken beyond repair. I’m here to say, "You are not beyond repair, and there is hope and healing that you are deserving and worthy of receiving."

This year, as I focus on Free to Fly, I do so even if I can only touch one life, because the one is worth it! Our healing and our journey is not a race. Each day, if you can encourage just one other person in your life, you are making a huge impact and difference in this world.

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